I trust you have been reading the Ashes to Fire daily devotional with the rest of the church family.  Today we continued in the prayer of Jesus for the diciples.  Read carefully how he describes them (not of this world…) – if you are following Christ, He was also praying for YOU.  If you are not following Christ, I invite you to do so today. 

- Pastor Leon

Saturday, January 25th will be our first Saturday Night “Light” in 2014.  Come join us for a time  to seek God, soak in His presence, grow together in Christ, and Share the Life Changing Hope Found in Jesus.  Come be a part of a new worship experience at WallNaz. 

WallNaz is the middle of a 40 day season of Prayer.  The church is open every day (send email to the office for hours as they vary each day) if you’d like to come and pray.  God is doing awesome things at WallNaz.  If you are looking for a church home, come visit us on November 2, 2013 when we officially introduce our new Associate Pastor, Jeff Walsh.

Follow God, Be Blessed.

– Pastor Leon